Pretty Bum 3

Veröffentlicht: 2016-06-26 in Vectors
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Hier das nächste. Ich glaube, ich werde in den kommenden Ferienwochen öfter mal wieder Nackedeis basteln :P Hier erstmal die zugeschnittene „sichere“ Version; zwei erweiterte Varianten folgen weiter unten.

Here’s the next one. I think I’ll use the coming summer-holiday weeks to draw a bit more naughty stuff again :P First, here’s the cropped sfw version. Below that, two extended variants are linked.


Variant 1 .. Variant 2

  1. Hi Sven, really great work its a shame your getting a hard time of facebook, I hope that dosen’t discourage you from creating what you love to create.

    Best Regards Phillip

    • ey_svenTura sagt:

      Hey Mr. T, it amazes me how some people seem to take such imagery so damn personal and see the creator as some ol‘ pervert with no respect for women. I respect everybody equally. Women, men – what does it matter. It’s just that some of the subjects I like to draw aren’t compatible with just every person on the planet. Funny thing is that a lot of actual porn (I mean explicit sexual activity stuff, not just plain nudity) is drawn by female persons. I don’t blame anybody though. Facebook probably wasn’t the best place to show that sort of image.

      But don’t worry, I won’t get discouraged. I know what I like to draw and that certainly won’t change because somebody doesn’t like it. Thanks for the encouragement! I really appreciate it.

  2. jabiertxof sagt:

    Its a inkscape one? Have special filter to add noise?

    • ey_svenTura sagt:

      Inkscape, yes. However, the noise and partial blurring of the front parts were applied to the exported png. Not sure if there’s a way to add such noise through Inkscape filters. I don’t experiment a lot with filters. Sorry.

      • jabiertxof sagt:

        I’m not a filter expert but maybe I can ask to a Inkscaper filter expert friend.
        Ping me if you want!
        Anyway you can dessign a noise pattern and import it to a custom filter by a full noise PNG/SVG or by a Tile also in PNG/SVG. Is just 5 minutes on the filter editor. Tile think is only in trunk. Cheers, Jabier.

        • ey_svenTura sagt:

          Thank you! Maybe I’ll take a closer look at these things at some point. For the time being, adding grain externally is fine though. And of course, more filters applied to the svg document can drastically increase png-export time on higher resolutions. Therefore I usually refrain from using filters. Maybe I’ll get back to you when I run into problems. Thanks again.

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