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Veröffentlicht: 2017-02-03 in Vectors
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Hier ist meine Version von DC Comics‘ Supergirl, ein Auftragsbild an dem ich die letzten paar Tage gearbeitet habe. Vorsicht: das hier ist nur ein Ausschnitt. Das vollständige Bild zeigt nackte Haut. Wer sich daran stört, sollte also nicht auf das Bild klicken.

Here’s my take on DC Comics‘ Supergirl, a commissioned piece I’ve been working on over the past few days. This is a cropped version; the full image contains mild nudity. If that’s not your thing, don’t click the image.

Supergirl Commission VECTOR

Hier noch eine kleine Gegenüberstellung von Skizze, Basisfarben, Outline-Ansicht und dem fertigen Bild.

And here’s a small side-by-side comparison of the sketch, flat colors, outline view and final image.

Supergirl Commission VECTOR STEPS

  1. Petozi sagt:

    Wahnsinn, wie Du das machst und kannst!

  2. vishal4nw sagt:

    I love this design, n showing the process that that’s amazing I both envy and love ur talent of art.

    • ey_svenTura sagt:

      You’re very kind. I’m not sure about the talent. I prefer to think that it’s practice and patience, rather than talent. But of course I appreciate the compliment. Thanks a lot!

      • vishal4nw sagt:

        My pleasure ur designs and works of patients and practice inspires me to work harder since I’m not very good a vectors and still learning so I shud thank you :)

        • ey_svenTura sagt:

          It’s always good to hear when somebody draws inspiration from my works. Just keep on practicing and you’ll get better :)

          • vishal4nw sagt:

            thanks for your feedback means a lot that you would say that. Sorry to worry you again I’m just curious how long does these designs generally take to design.

            • ey_svenTura sagt:

              No worries, I don’t mind answering questions. The time I need varies from piece to piece, depending on level of detail, complexity and also the amount of time I find to work on it. Very roughly speaking, I need something around 4-10 days from start to finish. I guess vector isn’t the quickest technique in itself, plus I’m quite slow with everything I do. So I assume others could do the same work I do in less time. But that’s just a wild guess.

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